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I know this may not be a blog in the normal sense, but I am trying to figure out what hockey fans like when they watch NHL games on TV. Obviously everyone wants every game in HD, but in terms of the broadcast in general, what draws your attention? The TV crew cannot create a game, only the players can; however, during the first 5 minutes of the broadcast (called the Open), and during each intermission is where most broadcasts differ. What sort of things keeps you from changing the channel during the intermission?

I personally love watching the features about formers players, or even former teams (one that stands out was the feature run by many teams when they played the San Jose Sharks which talked about the Oakland Seals). I am too young to have seen footage of most of these old teams and players, so it is intriguing to watch and hear about the history of the NHL. It's also kind of fun to watch goaltenders who used to stay on their feet no matter what sort of shot was taken

I also like the analysis of plays throughout the game from a high angle which shows how the play develops using the telestrator by the analyst. Let's face it, the analyst is there to offer up insight, which is why most of these guys are former players. If they can show us why players move from one place to another, and how it opens up holes, it makes everyone watching a smarter hockey fan.

But enough about my likes. What do all of you like, and what do you dislike? Please refrain from saying you don't like such and such announcer... that isn't something I can do anything about.

Do you like teases as the beginning of the broadcast, where the crew puts together edited video of past plays and faces to help create an exciting story for the game that you are about to watch, or do you prefer to just get right to the announcers and their introduction of the game and what to expect?

Thank you all in advance for your help.
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