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So Rob Blake has re-signed in San Jose for 1 year, 3.5 million dollars.

I think it's a good deal. He is now making about the same as Vlasic and Ehrhoff, 1 million more than Doug Murray, and half as much as Dan Boyle.

This basically solidifies the San Jose defense with the following top 6 guys:


I also think Blake's re-signing means Ehrhoff will be traded this summer, possibly packaged along with Marleau, Michalek, Clowe, or Cheechoo. I personally hope he can be moved maybe with Cheechoo and bring back Tomas Kaberle, or another solid defenseman.

San Jose has learned from the Anaheim Ducks that you have to build from your back-end forward, and another guy to make a solid pass and move the puck out of the defensive zone to their All-Star forwards is crucial. Ehrhoff does not tend to be able to make that pass, but I'm sure some other team will like him based on his skating ability and nice shot (when it's on-net).

I like Ehrhoff, and thought he played really well for the most part this past season. However, if one guy from the 6 listed above had to go, I think he would be one of the most valuable in a trade, and the guy I wouldn't mind see leaving.

Very excited for tomorrow, and really hope Doug Wilson's first 2 calls go out to Chris Neil and Ian Laperriere. The Sharks could really use two guys like that to fill out their 3rd line. San Jose needs to become more scary to play against, and not because of scoring ability, but because they will punish you whenever they can. With Lappy and Neil, this would actually happen.

Happy Shopping tomorrow everyone.
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