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Richmond Hill, ON • Canada • 16 Years Old • Male
The Passion

Year after year the Leafs have tried to end the drought and year after year they have failed. It does at times get really frustrating that the team that I grew up watching just can't pull it off...at times it can even hurt. I have endured the endless bashing of our Leafs on hockey sites such as this one, I have also bashed other teams.

While some people can say that I am a bit too passionate for my own good, I think that I am just at the right level. I have seen people jump on and off the Leafs bandwagon, I have endured the glares and dirty looks from ex-leafs fans when I walk around Toronto with my Leafs jersey proudly displayed on my body, I have endured the fact that some people try to crush my passion for the Leafs on a daily basis...hearing things like they suck, or they will never win the cup ever again.

While I will never say the Leafs suck, I certainly realize that we aren't exactly the best team in the NHL. I am in no way delusional, I do not think that we are contenders, I do not think that we are the top team in the NHL. I just want to see us make it to the playoffs. I hope that if we do get into the playoffs our boys can somehow muster a cinderella story and bring the Stanley Cup back to Toronto.

The Canadiens

While I do hate the dreaded Montreal Canadiens, I do have respect for your captain, Saku Koivu. Seeing him lift the cup in Montreal would be one of the greatest and most touching moments in modern day hockey. I would celebrate this win for Saku's sake, a man who has endured so much over they years, a man who is an inspiration to me.

Mats Sundin

I hope to see Mats Sundin lift a Stanley Cup in a Leafs Jersey one day. I think that he deserves to win the Stanley Cup so much. He has overcome so many obstacles over his career. Woken up and led our Leafs when we thought we had no more hope. He has been a shining beacon of light in an otherwise dark cavern known as the Maple Leafs. To see this man finally reach the top of the hockey world would be a great sight to see. While I would love to see him do it in a Leafs jersey, I wouldn't mind seeing him do it in another one.

The reason most of us Leafs fans call for Sundin's trade on a yearly basis is because we realize that time is running out for him. We hope to trade him to a contender, to give him a chance to finally hoist Stanley's Cup over his shoulders because there will come a time when his body simply will not be able to handle the game of hockey anymore. When that time comes, we all hope that he would have his name engraved on that cup...because I certainly believe that no one in the NHL today deserves it more than Mats Sundin.


While I do not think that this will change your views on us Leafs fans, I just wanted to give you guys an insight into what it is like to be one of us. I hope that you guys had a good read with this article and I will enjoy reading your feed back. Thank You!!!
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To see this man finally reach the top of the hockey 9apps world would be a great sight to see. While I would love to see him do it in a Leafs jersey, I wouldn't mind seeing him do it in another one.
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