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Richmond Hill, ON • Canada • 16 Years Old • Male

What Its Like To Be A Leafs fan.

Posted November 7, 2007
[b]The Passion[/b] Year after year the Leafs have tried to end the drought and year after year they have failed. It does at times get really frustrating that the team that I grew up watching just can't pull it off...at times it can even hurt. I have endured the endless bashing of our Leafs on hockey sites such as this one, I have also bashed other teams. While some people can say that I am... Read More »

Kevin Lowe; Just Following The Rules

Posted August 2, 2007
Since Kevin Lowe offered RFA, Dustin Penner, the 5 year/21.25 Million Dollar Offer-Sheet there has been outrage by both the NHL and us hockey fans. I have on question for all of you, why? Lets a look at some sections of the CBA: Any player who meets the qualifications set forth in the following chart and (1) is not a Group I Player or a Group IV Player, and... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Anaheim Ducks

Most Hated Teams

Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers

Favorite Players

Sidney Crosby, Darcy Tucker, Bryan McCabe, Alexander Ovechkin

Most Hated Players

Daniel Alfredsson, Todd Bertuzzi, Alexei Kovalev

Best Hockey Memories

2002 Winter Olympics, the Chris Pronger pass through Mario Lemieux's legs, to Paul Kariya, that was an amazing goal. Also the 2001-2002 Toronto Maple Leafs Eastern Conference Final Run.

My Hockey Teams

Richmond Hill Stars

As a hockey player, I compare to...

J.S Giguere

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Eklund, Howard Berger

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hockeytraderumors.com, hockeybuzz.com, tsn.ca, sportsnet.ca, facebook.com