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Same crap different day, with a few suprises. Trade the 2nd overall and a prospect like UMBERGER or RUZICKA to San Jose for PATRICK MARLEAU. SJ wont be able to resign him in a year anyways. If that doesnt work, I would have preferred DATSYUK but hes gone so i guess go for GOMEZ.
Try and Sign SAMI SALO, hes what we neeed for the PP. also go after a 3-4 guy like RIVET (is he a FA? lol but a player like him). They solved the goalie needs for now, but BOUCHER would be a great backup if Niitty goes to finland. the last thing i think they need is a 2nd line winger, someone like RAY WHITNE

take it or leave it.
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April 13, 2007 4:02 PM ET | Delete
marc, as much as I would love to have Marleau, I think it would take more than a first round pick and Umberger or Ruzicka to land him. Plus why give up assets when you can sign a player of similar stature (ie. Briere, Gomez, Drury) without giving up compensation. Going after Marleau should be plan D, not A, in my opinion. But good thoughts overall. I agree about Boucher as a viable back-up.
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