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So I had just won the stanley cup with my Capitals team (god I love those jerseys), and I had signed all the free agents I needed. I realized that my farm team was pretty dry with good prospects, so I went into free agency one last time to look for some good ones that had slipped through the cracks. JACKPOT.

What I discovered were a few undrafted players hailing from Canada. The first one i discoved was a 72 overall 20 yr old playmaker named Matt Recchi. It wasn't those numbers that attracted me, it was his 97 POTENTIAL!! I then discovered another winger who boasted similiar numbers, just a year younger. I quickly signed them (they wanted one way contracts, so I gave them what they wanted and kept them in the AHL). Unfortunately, the defenseman don't fare so well. They hail from either Sweden or Finland, and are rated far lower (65 overall and 62 overall, with the same potential and 18 years old) I also signed them to contracts and placed them into my farm team. Goalies I didn't need, but they are around 72 overall with the same potential, and could be a good project on your farm team.

Simply go to the free agents and sort them by potential and you will be suprised at what you find.

Also, if you enjoy designing goalie pads, take a look at the one's already pre-designed in the NHL/AHL and then go from there. With my capitals, I use a pre-design from an AHL team (I forget which one). I use it because these custom pads have the RBK logo in RED which is something you cannot do if you start from scratch! It allows you to take customization even further, it's really cool.

Friend me on XBL, my gamertag is "Cheek a Leek79" and enjoy the advice!

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