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So now that the first bigger trades are done, the question is what next. Yes the returns on Iginla and Bouwmeester my not have been ideal, but the keys have been the first round draft picks. If Kiprusoff moves, I think that will be another trade that is what it is. It is ending up that they will have to send him where he is willing to go. I would prefer it not be Toronto (as I don't like what is available to come back unless the Leafs will part with the first rounder), but it is what it is.

Either way the re-build is on, and they can't just stop there.

Now, when it comes to trading partners, they need to target the teams that are just into a play-off position, or those that are very close to and fighting to get into one. These are teams like the Devils, The Ranger, The Islanders, The Hurricanes, The Preditors, and maybe the Capitals and the Flyers.

I think that these are teams that could definitley benefit from some more scoring (with some towards the bottom of the league in goals for), and the Flames can utilize the likes of Glencross, Cammalleri, and Hudler to that ends.

Again the main targets need to be First Round draft picks. These hold the highest potential for pay off. Not only as making the selections themselves, but to utilize to try to trade up at the draft. I'm not saying necessarily that the Flames players will warrent a First Round pick on their own, but as the centerpiece on the Flames end as part of a package is very doable.

I see Glencross defintley having a spot with the Hurricanes. He would be great on that second line with Jordan Staal and Jeff Skinner. Carolina is easily in the push for a playoff spot. Especially with it being the Southeast division where that division lead give that much more of a ranking. And Glencross brings a lot (30+ goal scorer at his current pace) and a low cap hit for the next two years.

The same goes for the Islanders. Some additional offence beyond Tavares and Moulson will greatly help them. They are currently tied for eighth, and could easily push their way in. As options beyond their draft picks, they have prospects like Strome, Neidereiter, and Reinhart (who I would love to get out of them) that would be ideal. Again it may not be anything staight up, but could work some things together.

in the end trade a lot now, but save some for the draft. Then you package established players and the acquired draft picks to move up in the draft. I believe (and maybe I am dreaming) it is doable to "clone" how the Canucks got the Sedins and work their way to having 2 of the top 4 picks. If they can work to have 4 or 5 firsts (and it is more than doable) counting their own then it can be arranged. Their own pick is looking to be in the top 4. Then maybe package a Hudler and 2 firsts (or other similar deals) to jump up to that other top 4 spot. Work it in stages, move up to one pick, then package that pick to move up even more. I think it is very possible to work to get both Mackinnon and Drouin.

Yeah it sounds like a fantasy, but I see the potential.
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yes... go for jones and mckinnon... i like it... glencross for niederreiter and a pick?
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The Flames have already traded away anyone who would warrant a first round pick.
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