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If Carolina is looking to trade the 5th pick, as a Flames fan I think that they should go all out to try and get it. For the Flames, the ideal is to get Nathan MacKinnon. But there is no way that is going to happen. At least not while completely crippling the roster. While MacKinnon will be a franchise somewhere, the steps needed to get to that pick will set the rebuild much too far back i... Read More »
So now that the first bigger trades are done, the question is what next. Yes the returns on Iginla and Bouwmeester my not have been ideal, but the keys have been the first round draft picks. If Kiprusoff moves, I think that will be another trade that is what it is. It is ending up that they will have to send him where he is willing to go. I would prefer it not be Toronto (as I don't like what... Read More »


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