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Where Schultz will Go

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I was reading comments idly on a blog today, and I read the most ridiculous thing: a Calgary fan claiming Justin Schultz was basically there's. Wrong. Justin Schultz quite simply is going to a place where he can be successful, play, and play on a good team soon. Which rules out Calgary. He is going to sign with a. a team where he already knows one or several players (Toronto, New York) b. a bad team which is young, very talented, and will be very good soon (Edmonton), or c. a team which is already playoff material, but is loaded with young talent and he would push over the top (Ottawa, Boston, Tampa Bay) or d. a good team who has an opening for him in the top 4 (Ottawa).

A pros and cons list of every team I consider favourites:
Toronto: Young team will be very good in near future, Jake Gardiner and he are good friends from Wisconsin. Currently has superb depth at defence, but you have to figure for a player such as Justin, they would make space in their top 4. Opportunity to play #1 PP. Feeding Kessel does look fun.

Edmonton: If i was Justin, this would be my choice. This team is going to be SOOOOO good. and they need their second coming of Paul Coffey. He could immediately step in and be the best defence man since Pronger. They have their future captain already in Hall, so he doesn't need to worry about that. Top 2 minutes await. All this team wants to do is win.

Ottawa: 2 words: Eric Karlson. How much fun would that be? Think best offensive team in the game good. Takes Kuba's spot on top pairing, PP.

Tampa Bay: Ignoring the most obvious need for this Lightning team, the second most is a top 4 defence man. He can look forward to playing with tons of high skilled players (kinda becoming Yzerman's hallmark), but he would be leaned on right away, in a bad way perhaps.

Boston: Not only would he be playing next to the tallest man ever to win a cup every night, he would eventually be with Dougie Hamilton. How good a pairing will that be? Top 4 in the league. Top PP. Downside being defensive conscious team would probably hold back his offence.

New York: Has a couple former team mates of Schultz on the team (wanna say Prust? Del Zotto?) very good now, but would not play top 4 minutes or PP. Don't see this one happening.
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