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Where Schultz will Go

Posted May 29, 2012
I was reading comments idly on a blog today, and I read the most ridiculous thing: a Calgary fan claiming Justin Schultz was basically there's. Wrong. Justin Schultz quite simply is going to a place where he can be successful, play, and play on a good team soon. Which rules out Calgary. He is going to sign with a. a team where he already knows one or several players (Toronto, New York) b. a bad te... Read More »

Sochi 2014 Olympic Team - Canada

Posted May 28, 2012
The 2014 Olympics in Sochi will be a new turning point for Canadian professional hockey. A changing of the guards if you will. The team which represented Canada in Vancouver, while praised as one of the best Canadian national teams ever brought together for one event, was old. The captain of that team, Scott Niedermeyer, is gone, and other player's who played serious minutes for that team see thei... Read More »

Leafs Thoughts, What Not.

Posted May 28, 2012
1. Despite what a lot of people seem to be thinking about what will happen if the Oilers get a second line centre at the draft and thus free up Sam Gagner for trade, the Leafs should steer clear of him. If the Leafs were to land him, he's projected as the number one centre, and adding to that, he's a Toronto boy, and we all know how Brian Burke loves local boys (sarcasm). But if the Leafs are look... Read More »

Defence to be the Leaf's Strength

Posted May 24, 2012
So three days in a row, I've written a blog. Three days in a row I've mentioned Jake Gardiner. But how can I not? By my estimate he is the sixth best defence man from the 2008 draft class thus far, and he's only played professional hockey for one year, as opposed to three or four. He's well liked, he's well educated, and, perhaps his most tantalizing prospect, he has connections which could get th... Read More »

Luongo to stay, Schneider to Go

Posted May 22, 2012
The Vancouver Canucks need to trade Roberto Luongo, right? He's old, washed up, mentally unstable, carries a contract until infinity, and guess what, Cory Schneider is right there, banging on the door (although some would argue that it is Luongo who is banging on Schneider's door now). Luongo out, Schneider in equals one cup to soothe the rioters, right? Wrong. Cory Schneider is the goalie in V... Read More »


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