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What do you do if you're Predator's GM David Poile? Sure, he's trying to lock up Ryan Suter, but he can't make Suter sign anything. He knows that Detroit, among others, will be backing the money-truck up to Suter's front door come July 1st, driving up the cost of Shea Weber at this time next year.

So what do you do? Do you risk losing Suter for nothing, do you trade his rights for (relative) peanuts? OR... do you consider the unthinkable: Do you make Suter an offer he can't refuse, and trade Shea Weber for the scorer your team so desperately needs?

It simply makes no sense to tie-up over $21M in payroll on 3 players, none of whom is a big, gritty, 30+goal scorer. The obvious target here would be Rick Nash, but there's absolutely NO chance that Weber agrees to be traded to Columbus. There's Parise but, as Todd Cordell pointed out in another post on this site (referring to Suter), if the Devils can't afford to sign Parise, how can they afford (Weber)? Semin...? Too many unanswered questions there. Stamkos? Malkin? Do the Lightning or the Penguins even entertain the thought?

To date, I have read nothing, anywhere, to indicate that this idea has even crossed Poile's mind, although I'm sure it has. For Pred Nation; interesting days ahead, indeed.
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