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What do you do if you're Predator's GM David Poile? Sure, he's trying to lock up Ryan Suter, but he can't [i]make[/i] Suter sign anything. He knows that Detroit, among others, will be backing the money-truck up to Suter's front door come July 1st, driving up the cost of Shea Weber at this time next year. So what do you do? Do you risk losing Suter for nothing, do you trade his rights for (... Read More »
I just want to go on the record here, as a Predator fan (and season ticket holder), with the view that it would be a massive mistake for the team to let Suter become a FA, but not for the reason you might think. Nashville needs to sign Suter to prevent a bidding war for his services which will make Shea Weber too expensive at this time next year. Personally, I wish they could just let Suter... Read More »


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