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King Doan

Posted 3:57 AM ET | Comments 0
Now I know the lean on Shane Doan is either in Phoenix or some way out there East Coast team (or for some of you, right in your backyard home team or favorite). The truth is right next Richards and Carter on the Kings 1A line is where he fits best.

Three reasons -

1. It is here on the westside of things, not far from where he has been and easy to move the family 400 miles.

2. If you can't beat them join them, ask Ray Allen. While the Kings and fans may have wished ill upon Doan during the Western Conference Semis, everyone in the building, including myself, admired the hustle and grit he played with.

3. Joining the Eastern Conference ranks is like driving in Boston/Massachusetts drive, JUST PLAIN NUTS. Teams are cutting each other, outbidding each other and darn right driving each crazy (note Tortorella and DeBoer) other competing with each other that by the time they get to the cup, forgive me Boston, are so wrecked they need Allstate (plug for Ecklund).

So consider this an informal, formal invitation to join the Kingdom....Richie and Carter? Not a bad runner-up to playing with Crosby if you don't go that route!
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