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Los Angeles, CA •
This is pre-Phoenix, but I think the Edmonton game was a sign the Kings are headed back to last season's form/pattern. They've shook the cobwebs I mean the suds of the party/offseason off and are ready to be stingy on D and in net. The forwards can't score, yet, and that is how the Kings got it going last year. Great D and netminding, anemic offense.

Clifford is everything Penner should be. Aggresive, assist minded and a real hitter for his size. The second line with Carts and Richards is headed in a good direction with Cliffie. Kopitar hit the post two times, which is bound to roll in more times than not with kind of shot the pros of his caliber have. Kings fans know this story, so does the whole Western Conference.

As for the D's depth, ennhhh, Drewiske is every bit of the 7th D he is cracked up to be. Jake looks like a Voynov with size. Encouraging. Is Tampa ready to shell out a D man for some competition for Lindback? 3.67 GA isn't exactly going to get them to the middle of the Eastern Conference. No matter what Stamkos scores. Bernier and him makes a solid young group. Or is the PK in a 3 way with Richards leaving, realisitic? Mikey is nice, but they've got the cup and already have a Capo.
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