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IT was well known that Rutherford likes to be a gunslinger of sorts. It had to kill him this past year, with so much of a Cup winning roster returning, that he didnt need to make major trades, particularly at the deadline. I have to wonder if Botterill was able to reign that in, or if GMJR was just smart enough to resist the temptation to wheel and deal. With Botterill moving on, we will soon find out.
Recent rumors in Pittsburgh have Kessel on the block. According to some, Kessel and Sullivan do not see eye-to-eye and Rick Tocchet served as a mediator of sorts to ease that relationship. With Tocchet looking more and more like Arizona's next coach, what happens with the Kessel and Sullivan relationship? With Rutherford on record of saying he will try to trade to fix the hole at 3rd center, I have to wonder if Kessel will be dealt in such a deal. I'd highly suggest not doing so, given how successful the Pens approach had been the last 2 years, having elite scoring talent on 3 of 4 lines. But with Rutherford shooting himself in the foot with the Reaves trade--and Botterill no longer there to restrain him--I fear a trade of Kessel could cripple and drastically alter the identity of the back to back champs.
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LOL "reports"Try not to read Rob Rossi or Mark Madden
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Pens trade for Kadri!!! Hear me out...From following hockey and hearing 2 high ups talk pretty much everyone beside like 3-5 players in the league are available. Im pretty sure we all know Kadri isnt 1 of the 3-5. Nobody including the top "insiders" thought Panarin, Saad, and to a lesser extent Hjallmarrson were "available" but they got traded. There is a lot more players then those 3 but thats just the last month. Back to my point, would trading for Kadri take an "overpayment"? Id definitely say yes. Is overpaying always a bad thing for a team. Not really. Pens are going for a third straight championship in a row. To get Kadri Im just throwing out a random scenario but Im sure Sheary Maatta 1st gets them definitely thinking. Id say thats an overpayment from the pens. (They have Mathews, Nylander, Marner, Bozak, Marleau, Komarov, Fehr, Moore that all have played center). Hornqvist would bring huge grit and playoff leadership to a youngish leafs team. Sheary has shown he can rack up points with a playmaker and battles for every puck. Im not saying its probable but its definitely possible on the leafs end. Now were does that leave the Penguins... Guentzel Crosby HornqvistHagelin Malkin KesselWilson Kadri RustSprong Rowney Reaves Aston-Reese/Kuhnhackl spares (lines obviously can be changed) Want more depth... Jagr/Vanek free agents with the 3 mill saved in trade.Dumolin LetangCole SchultzHunwick Franson (Yes Franson would fit in cap if he made under 4 per)Pouliot Ruhwedel Not only does this save there cheap prospects it solves the third line center problem for 5 years and also gets 1 of the best 3rd line centers in hockey that can easily jump to the second line in case of injury. Also that defence is better than the 1 that just won the cup.
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Im ok with trading for Kadri, but I dont want to move Sheary or Hornqvist. The analytics types don't want to hear it, but there is something to be said for grit and character. You need some of that. If Horny would bring grit and playoff leadership to Toronto, why on Earth would the Pens want to give that up after already losing Kunitz, Bonino, and possibly Cullen (to retirement)? You have to move something to get something, but Sheary had some of the best possession numbers in the gamein the regular season before hitting a playoff slump. Unless you think last year (both reg season and playoffs) and this year's regular season are the exception and not the rule, why would you seek to give that up?
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