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This is the song that never ends.
It goes on and on my friends.
Someone started singing it not knowing what it was,
and they'll continue singing it forever just because,

This song can best describe the Canucks Dallas series. Just when you think you have got a hold of what is happening then suddenly something else happends and suddenly something else pops out and it continues again. Luckily unlike "the song that never ends" the series will end and we will have a winner but some reason I have a feeling that we have not seen the weirdest yet which is saying a lot because the weirdest things have happend in this series. This series ha not been the greatest ones infact if I were not a Canucks fan I would not give a damn about this series because frankly it has been boring but at the same time this series has had odd things hapen and you know that something odd will happen at American Airlines in Texas tommarow. Marty Turco has been great and has seemed to shut the critics down. The same could be said about Roberto Luongo. These 2 goalies have been excellent but keep in mind both teams dont have anything resembling a fire power offence and both focus on the defensive side more. The big names have not really showed up yet and I would not be surprised if the big names do show up tommarow and the team that wins it has a huge chunk of cotribution from the big names that are other than turco and Luongo.
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