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Why is it that everyone is underestimating the Canucks. All the media people keep on saying that the Dallas Stars have outworked the Canucks and have deserved to win both games well if they had they would have beta Roberto Loungo but they did not. Why is it that the media people say Lopungo is the only reason vancouver is in it. I mean is a goalie not part of the team. Also if Dallas deserves it then they should have won it but they did not. The Canucks have shown if they play hard they can beat the Stars easily and clearly we have not seen there best hockey. Think about this when the Canucks were firing in first 2 periods and ot 3-4 the Canucks were creating chances and they were making Marty Turco look like Dan Cloutier. Now clearly again we have not seen the best hockey of the Canucks but when we have seen it boy has it been great. To me the canucks will be judged in the next 2 games because the road is there specialty and if they can split the next 2 games im saying they will take it just because of home ice advantage and how big it is. So before you start saying crap about the Canucks think why am I saying it because right now the Canucks had 1 bad game and that was friday and when they clicked they showed that they can beat the Stars easily.
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It is not about underestimating the Canucks...for an avid Stars fanatic, I have been quite complimentary. But the fact is, Dallas has out-played them for 2 games now...Vancouver cannot compete with our 60 minute game. Sometimes you don't get rewarded in terms of goals and wins...otherwise it would be 2-0 Stars. I still think it will go 6 games...but the Canucks better get it together if they stand a chance!
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