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Most writers and pundits have already concluded that it's a given that Randy will not be coaching the Leafs next year. Some are wondering why he hasn't been fired yet.
I don't get the passion about replacing Carlyle. This is a team that folded 3 years in a row with the same core of players.
Soon you're going to hear that Ron Wilson is conspiring with Randy to make the Leafs be lousy.
We need to analyze the pattern here and realize that it's more on the players than on the coach. These guys are just not confident and committed enough to play consistent defensive hockey.
My hope is that Nonis and Shanny go through every angle thoroughly. Hopefully, they make significant changes that make this a confident and resilient team that can bounce back after enduring setbacks.
The only way they can consider making a coaching change is if they get feedback that there simply is a disconnect between the coaches and the players. Hopefully the players will be honest during their exit meetings. If the important players get along with Randy and look up to him , then let Randy get a fresh start next year with some new better players that can play consistent defensive hockey. On the other hand, if they aren't successful in improving the team defensively, what makes you think that they will be better defensively under let's say - Barry Trotz?
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April 22, 2014 5:37 PM ET | Delete
Bottom line here is it is not the coaches. Maurice, Wilson, Carlyle, all of them are successful and skilled coaches. First the local media harping for Carlyle to be fired is just the usual cranking of all things Leafs. If there is no story lets make one! Fact is Trotz is a fantastic coach but really, changing coaches wont fix the roster, wont fix the fact Kadri couldnt win a faceoff to save his life or stop doing the best Sergei Berezin impersonation with the puck losing it. Changing the coach wont fix the fact Dion scores at both ends for both teams and is no leader. It wont fix Franson demanding a big contract and holding out for the third time in a short career despite being horrendous on the ice. Changing coaches wont change the fact that other than the top line, these guys couldnt score a goal with a shooter tutor playing net. Randy has one year left. Nonis is on a short leash with Shanahan coming in and Lieweke wanting results. Roster changes are coming, after that then Randys fate gets decided.
April 26, 2014 9:25 AM ET | Delete
Are you kidding me with this ridiculous posting?? Can you even skate or just criticize NHL players?? you are a moron
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