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Most writers and pundits have already concluded that it's a given that Randy will not be coaching the Leafs next year. Some are wondering why he hasn't been fired yet. I don't get the passion about replacing Carlyle. This is a team that folded[b] 3 years in a row[/b] with the same core of players. Soon you're going to hear that Ron Wilson is conspiring with Randy to make the Leafs be lousy. W... Read More »

Therapy for Leaf Fans

Posted April 17, 2014
For starters I must confess that I am in the same boat as many Leaf fans. Staying positive and optimistic in the face of so much failure and heartache is quite difficult. The motto of “innocent until proven guilty” is reversed – “100% failure unless we finally win a Stanley Cup”. This leads to tons of unnecessary negativity and stress. Of course this is not mental sickness like the title... Read More »


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