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NHL in Europe?

Posted 9:38 PM ET | Comments 0
No! I mean, everyone is all for it that I have seen so far. Am I the only one that absolutely hates this idea?

"Hey Rick, where is our game next Friday?" -Foote
"Umm hold on.. Hey! It's in Europe!" -Nasher

This is probably, in my opinion, the stupidest idea known to mankind. This is so dumb to me it's like saying the grass is blue and the sky is green. I think Bettman is on one of those colors.

Bettman really doesn't want another team in Canada, does he? It's horrible he wants to put a team on the other side of the world rather than where hockey originated.

Anyways, I have Math homework. I just wanted to lash out on Bettman for having such a negative IQ.
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