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NHL 08 Sountrack

Posted 7:04 PM ET | Comments 0
Can it get any more lame? This is hockey, not a punk rock band show. I don't want to hear Paramore on a freaking hockey game. I want some bands that have songs that fit in well with hockey. Such as the Jackets theme song by Bush, or songs by Fuel, Metallica, stuff that gets you pumped up and in the mood for hockey.

This Paramore crap makes me want to blow things up with my mind. Now another lame song is on. A nice, slow, sleepy song that someone listens to when they feel like getting in a.. wait, did he just say "Turn up your radio"? Rock on dude! Im gonna blast my radio! Woooooooooooooo for Paramore and turning up radios! I paid sixty and taxes for that right there, omg!!!!

Hmm what other songs can I bash on. "Fa-Fa-Fa" by Datarock? What, Why, and Why? Okay, I hear a keyboard, a lame sounding dude, and who knows what else, a fiddle?

Anyways, I think you guys get my point. The only good and decent song on here is by Anberlin.

EA, your taste in music sucks. So does the gameplay you have on the game. Such as I pass it back to the point but what do you know, no one is there. Even on the PP. But I'm not going to get into that.

I give this soundtrack a 1/100. +1 for Anberlin.
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