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The Sens are for Real

Posted 5:25 PM ET | Comments 3
What a game last night. What a game.

We were sitting in the Group Sales Suite Scotiabank Place last night. A couple of free beers. Free pizza. A private washroom and television. A private booth is absolutely the way to go to enjoy a good ol' fashioned playoff hockey game. I highly recommend it.

Gentlemen, the Habs lost it last night. We saw it all first-hand from the booth. There isn't anything else to say about it really. They lost it.

Now, that isn't to be unexpected in NHL Playoff Hockey. It's okay to show a little bit of fight. It's okay to "send a message" to the other team nearing the end of the game in a tight series. It's fine. That's hockey. The Sens knew it was coming; the Habs are well within their right to lose their minds in the middle of a crucial Game 3 that just went completely sideways for the Habs. It's fine. It's totally fine. If it stays at that.

I do, however, have two problems with what happened last night.

A.) What the hell is wrong with the Montreal fans and media?

Boys. We lost. That's it. It's only one game. Recoup, regroup, get ready for Game 4 (statistically more important than Game 3 anyway). What is this horsepoop calling out Paul MacLean for calling a timeout with 17 seconds left?? What is this, "he's making us look bad." nonsense? Give it a rest. Keep your dumbass comments to yourselves, and get ready for the next game.

Paul MacLean, when accused by Therrien that he was trying to "embarrass and humiliate" the Habs, said:

"Well, I think they did a good enough job of that themselves."

ShaaaaaZAM. Bang on. Shut up Therrien. Shut up Gorges. Shut up PK Subban. Keep it on the ice.

Especially because, at this point especially: Everything you say can and will be used to embarrass and humiliate you. Everything you say from now until tomorrow will be (mis)interpreted as being classless, low-life, and most importantly - the sign of the team that is LOSING.

(And frankly, a team behaving the way The Habs are behaving right now - quite frankly, they've already lost this series.)

B.) PK Subban

Subban is just trying to rile his team up. But, jumping on Kyle Turris near the end of the 3rd was classless. A heavy-weight taking on a welterweight (while soaking wet) is already an embarrassing situation at best. PK Subban, you should be embarrassed.

But then, to get Turris on the ice; and to have him vulnerable; to be straddling him; with referees pulling you off; and you are still throwing punches at the guy. No. That was definitely not cool. That was a total lack of class. Not cool. Not cool at all. PK, after that display, deserves every boo that gets unmercifully thrown his way from here until the end of time at Scotiabank Place. It was unacceptable, it crossed the line, and it broke the Sacred Hockey Code.

Do The Habs have a chance of getting back in this series?

No. No, they do not. But then, they never had a chance in this series to begin with. I said it at the beginning of the series. Ottawa is just too good. They are the better team. Pointe Finale. They are tighter, smarter, harder, stronger, nailier (nailier - of having more "nails" than your opponent) than the Habs. They are the better team, and they will not be beaten by the Habs in a 7 game series. I've been saying it all year, but I'll say it again: The Sens are for real.

The Habs - and Hab-faithful here - need not be surprised; nor hang their head in shame. Price is an NHL-calibre goaltender. The team is solid, and had an excellent regular season. PK Subban has a very bright future as a Top Dman in the league. Pacioretty and Desharnais will be standards on our team for years to come. Prust was an excellent addition. And the young kids - Gallagher and Galchenyuk - are wonderful little pieces just waiting to be giving more ice-time in tough situations. There is a bright future for the Habs.

But, it is not this year. That's all. Just like last year wasn't the Sens' year. Teams go through a natural ebb and flow. Montreal is ebbing right now. But, they are on their way up. This year belongs to the Sens. It is their year.

The Sens are for real. They are one of the best clubs I have seen in Hockey in the past few years.

"Did @TheHockeyPooler just say the best team he's seen in the past few years?"

No, TheHockeyPooler said, "one of the best". They play a disciplined, mean, rolling defensive game that absolutely drives their opponents bonkers. They are a tight-knit group. Paul MacLean is an absolute slam-dunk winner of the Jack Adams. He has this team is firing on all cylinders. They never give up, they have a positive attitude, they have one of the best players in the world on their team, AND they have a goaltender who is having a historic year. (Forget about "career" years. Anderson is having a historic - record-breaking - year.)

"So @TheHockeyPooler, if you like the Sens so much... Do you think they can win the Cup?"

Well. No. I don't think they can. They have a chance. But, they probably won't win. Why not? Because the loathable Pittsburgh Penguins have found a way to cheat. But, other than coercion and blatant cheating by the female dog Penguins; The Sens are a very real Cup Contender.

Anyway, I've been saying it all year long. The Sens are for real, and will easily win this series. So, why is everyone so surprised by the outcome of this game??
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Message Posted How did you ever become a reporter ,lol . What a loser..
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:)My first blog dude. But, thank you. Thank you for the encouragement.
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