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Personally I've always had it in for Ray Emery. I didn't like him before he became a number one for the Senators, and I didn't like him once he assumed (usurped) the starting role from Dominik Hasek. I didn't like him when he put Mike Tyson on his helmet, nor did I like him when he took the Senators to the Cup Finals. I didn't much care for his road rage incident, and I didn't think highly of his hissy fit at practice. I also didn't like him after he showed up late for practice twice, and both times was given the "beat it" cue by coach John Paddock.

Let's just say I don't like Ray Emery much...

That's why it was so gratifying to see him lose to the lowly Leafs. The irony is that a good showing would have opened the door for him to re-claim his starting job from Martin Gerber, which is apparently why Emery is disgruntled in the first place.

From what I saw, Emery was hit-and-miss. He made several very solid saves on good scoring chances, but then was also caught cheating on a couple of chances that resulted in goals.

Combined with a Rangers win over the Devils last night, it's been a good couple of days leading up to the Super Bowl...
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