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Great Watching Emery Lose...

Posted February 2, 2008
Personally I've always had it in for Ray Emery. I didn't like him before he became a number one for the Senators, and I didn't like him once he assumed (usurped) the starting role from Dominik Hasek. I didn't like him when he put Mike Tyson on his helmet, nor did I like him when he took the Senators to the Cup Finals. I didn't much care for his road rage incident, and I didn't think highly of h... Read More »

Sens Fans Eager Too Early...

Posted November 20, 2007
Living in Ottawa, it was natural I would become a Senators' fan after years of cheering for Steve Yzerman and the Wings... Heck, finally I could rant and rave about a team in my own backyard! I could randomly run into players from the NHL on nearly a weekly basis (gotta know the right clubs)... But, a few years back the team took a huge step in the wrong direction for my liking, and divested... Read More »


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Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Edmonton Oilers, Anaheim Ducks, Vancouver Canucks, NY Islanders

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Darcy Tucker, Mats Sundin, Chris Pronger, Chris Simon, Wade Redden, Wade Belak, Tie Domi, Patrick Roy

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Steve Yzerman handing the Cup to Vladimir Konstantinov...Czechs win gold at Nagano

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Sadly, Sean Avery

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