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I'm gonna go on a long flames blog, so first off, I'd like to say that the Stars played wonderfully. Their transition from skilled offense to stifling defense yesterday is only more of a omen of how far they should go in the playoffs and how deep their team really is. IMO they're only a power left winger away from getting to at least the conference final. Its nice to see Rebiero playing like he should as well.

Now for the Flames portion

Lombardi is getting very close to a breakout season and given the ice time this year, he'll have one in these next 78 games.

Iggy is playing like he should be and he'll score 40+ goals if he keeps up that play. Its exiting for everyone to watch him play like he did last night. One exception would be when he acquired a double minor and completely took the air out of the team's momentum and implementation of the heavy fore check. Very out of character..

Speaking of out of character, I didn't notice Juice much last game, he had a 2-on-1 and failed to get the pass across... He cant show up every night i suppose. Hopefully he'll rebound big in tonight's game.

Phaneuf picked up his defensive game tenfold. I miss the hits but it gets a lot harder to pull those off when your recognized around the league. (Something Phaneuf took advantage of in his first season.) I'd like to see his shot more but that will come in time, the system is only budding. Which leads me to my next point;

The system! Ooo the two man fore check finally shows up! Seeing how it began to show signs of a shutdown team made me jump for joy. The fact that the system is there means more than any individuals manner of play last night. That is why the leafs have had such a hard time in the last decade while Detroit has been a juggernaut.

If the Flames take the fore check they had yesterday to Nashville then it's gonna be a great game regardless of who wins. Look for David Legwand to step up, he's deceptively fast and can ruin an entire play by out racing his man. The only guy on the Flames that could keep up with him is Lombo.. Hopefully they get paired up at center tonight.
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