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Enough is enough

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Yet again, The Toronto Maple Leafs were horded by an overwhelming force of reporters. And, yet again, the reporters attacked the leafs with questions about something they did wrong. However, this time, the leafs faced the media force after a solid 5-2 victory over a significantly stronger Lightning team.

So, what did they do wrong this time you ask?

They didnt raise their sticks to salute their fans after the game. You might be wondering "seriously?? We're actually talking about this?" I was certainly wondering that. I mean for starters, I did not even know that was a rule. Where does it say that players must salute the fans? Also can't we talk about what the leafs did well last night, like shutting down Steven Stamkos.

The problem with the Toronto reporters is that they feel like everything must be commented on. And usually, with a negative connotation to it. Have you reporters ever thought that what you said may have an effect on the mental status of a player? Toronto reporters like Damien Cox and Steve Simmonds, who never have anything nice to report should not be allowed to report on the team at all. Its like the old saying "if you have nothing nice to say, dont say it at all."

It's gotten to the point where reporters are now reporting about how they overblew this "salute" incident. Hey, newsflash, your overblowing the story again.

Journalists pride themselves at being the "vicarious villager" or in other words the guy who goes out of his way to tells the citizens whats happening in the city. Maybe in this case, it would be much smarter to just drop it. If you cared about the fans you would.

Thanks for reading!

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November 25, 2014 9:37 PM ET | Delete
I think the only real issue with this is it shows just a very bad thought pattern coming out of the leadership and core. You had to know going out and doing that was going to cause issue. It is not rocket science. And given a couple of the players went to do so and then got called back shows they were not on the same page. This team has issues and it is the roster that has it. End of the day, this is a market that the media is hard on the team and players, much like Montreal or New York. This is not the California teams where you are buried on page 20 here. While I agree it is a minor issue it still goes towards the overall problem of does this core and leadership have the wherewithall and mental fortitude or not to get the job done in a hard market?!
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