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Paging Mr. Pegula...

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Paging Mr. Pegula, where are you? Your team is a wreck right now, your fans are getting relentless, and you are 1-9-1 in the first eleven games. The last time we had no clue where our owner was with this team was the last owner, who you bought the team from!

First thing is first, eleven games in and firing the general manager would not be the end of the world. You are rebuilding, right? You should have started there instead of your head coach last year. Besides, what is Darcy Regier currently doing besides sitting in the press box watching the team he built look like garbage on national television? Is he trying to make the team better? Not right now.

Second, the coach is very unemotional about everything right now. You hear his post-game interviews? Is he the head coach of an NHL team, or a priest at a funeral? I cannot tell the difference. His coaching decisions have been questionable and we all want answers. If this team is actually rebuilding, why is Mikhail Grigorenko playing with John Scott and Kevin Porter on the 4th line? Why not let the kids play? Feel free to try something out, such as moving Grigorenko to the wing. We know he is a center and he wants to be center, but what do you have to lose?

We understand Darcy Regier warned us that this year is going to be a year of suffering, but to suffer this much is too much. You are rebuilding, so act like a rebuilding team. We would not mind the coaching staff trying more things or different things because we are rebuilding. But when Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek are still on the team, John Scott is playing, and kids are not getting time, you are not in rebuild.

So what is next? Darcy canned? Rolston canned? Miller and / or Vanek dealt? First, can your GM, then let the new GM come in and allow him to anchor this team with the necessary talent.

The product is horrendous, people will stop coming to games and it will not be a better situation in Buffalo any time soon. "Hockey Heaven" is not looking so heavenly right now. So I'll ask again, Terry, where are you?

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