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Why not Boucher?

Posted 9:58 AM ET | Comments 3
With several teams interested in backup goalie help, I wonder why no one seems to have interest in the resurgent Brian Boucher of the Philadelphia Phantoms.

Currently on a minor-league contract, Boucher has been one of the reasons for the Phantoms first-place standing in their division.

As of this writing, his numbers are:

Games Played: 26

They compare well with recent call-ups from around the league:
Tuukka Rask
GP:18 Record:14-4-0 SO:0 GAA:2.17 SV%:0.902
Ty Conklin
GP:18 Record:11-7-0 SO:2 GAA:2.21 SV%:0.919
Jaroslav Halak
GP:19 Record:9-7-2 SO:2 GAA:2.26 SV%:0.922
Justin Pogge
GP:21 Record:13-3-4 SO:2 GAA:2.27 SV%:0.908
Karri Ramo
GP:6 Record:2-4-0 SO:0 GAA:3.33 SV%:0.898

and he brings more NHL experience than all these players combined (220 games vs 118), yet is still only 31 years of age.

[EDIT: this isn't to suggest that the teams that are using the above goaltenders should/should've opted for Boucher, but to illustrate that he'd be--at least--a comparable option for other teams in need of goaltending help]

Granted, Philadelphia might not want to let him go, but with teams in need, you'd think they'd explore every avenue, especially once 40-year-old Curtis Joseph picks a squad to join.
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January 12, 2008 10:17 AM ET | Delete
Well all these guys could be future starters in this league. Conklin was just desperation by the penguins. Boucher has good numbers but still has looked shaky in net. I believe he will go somewhere next year and this year he will just help the phantoms win a calder cup. It is alot easier for young guys in the phantoms to learn how to play and get ready for the nhl with boucher in net then marty houle.
January 12, 2008 11:12 AM ET | Delete
All of teams you mention have veterans to fall back on that are better than Boucher.
January 12, 2008 12:26 PM ET | Delete
Senators might have a use for him as it seems they're going to trade Emery.
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