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Miikka Kiprusoff will most likely go down as one of the Flames all time best goalies in franchise history. He's been a solid goalie for the past few years and a workhorse. Despite having a subpar year (could be attributed to not going to play anywhere during the lockout, along with a list of other things) some people think he may have some left in the tank, which he absolutely could. But with the rumors looming around about teams wanting to trade for him.... BIG MISTAKE. It was only a few days ago that Kipper went public and announced that he would not leave Calgary if he was traded due to family reasons... Ummm that would be my red flag right there. Next please. But this is why I LOVE the rumor mill, because there are always going to be rumors, even if they make you scratch your head and say "why?". The latest rumor that I've heard is that the Leafs are interested. I say what's the point. The guy already said he wouldn't report to any team. Now, I understand he could change his mind. I change my mind like the wind blows...(that means a lot). But as a GM I feel like there would be some commitment issues. A guy with that mind set could be a plague to your team. Reason #2. How would that make your starting and backup tendy's feel? Reimer and Scrivens have had success this year. I'm a firm believer in. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". And for the season this has been working for the Leafs. I'm hearing some concern about there isn't any playoff experience. Well...they're going to have to get that experience sooner or later. And if I recall Kipper made it to the finals once in '04 and hasn't gone that far since. Yea, he's got that under is belt but that was 9 years ago!!! Long story short, I think the Leafs bringing in a guy like Kipper won't help them out at all. The chemistry is there, and the team is winning. Why bring in an older guy, having a subpar year, and that doesn't want to leave Calgary anyway. Leafs just gotta keep on givin' 'er and they will be alright. rn
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