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At the beginning of the season there were a lot of experts, and people in general tagging the Rangers as the eastern champs and advancing to the cup finals. Some even had the Blueshirts winning the cup. And for those who put money on it... well they are probably sweating more than a fat girl chasing a cupcake. BUT!! It might not be too late for the Rangers as they had a very busy trade deadline. In my opinion the Rangers made the biggest splash by adding what they needed most. GRIT. SANDPAPER. TOUGHNESS. I think the Rangers got away from "Ranger Hockey". Or as some call it, "Ol' Time Hockey". I think they spent too much money adding star power. Very evident this year. I feel they had so much star power, so much ego, but not enough puck to go around. This effected the chemistry, players, and ultimately, the team. Players end up not playing the game, or their role, that they are paid to do. Example, Gaborik on the third line. I think anyone can agree that he is not a third line guy. Its not like he is on his way out of the league either. Guy just scored 40 last year... something was wrong, something had to change. And it was the style of play. So what did they do? They first did this by going out and adding Ryane Clowe. A player that needed a change in scenery, that had gotten lost in 3rd and 4th line roles. I think Clowe can be a top 6 forward that can easily score 20 a year. (two 20 goal years, one 17 goal year, and one 19 goal year) The scoring is just a bonus. He brings that griminess to the table. Goes to the corners. Goes to the dirty areas on the ice, and obviously gets rewarded for it. He goes out and does the little things: finishing checks, blocking shots, PK, PP, fights. Then he goes out and scores. (My favorite kind of players. Huge Iginla fan... besides the point. Moving on.) So, in three games Clowe already has 2 goals and 2 assists. Not bad. The next move the Rangers made was the Gaborik trade. Which had to happen in my opinion. Like I said before, he was playing on the third line which shouldn't happen. I also think Gabby didn't fit in with Torts coaching style. Anyway, Gaborik traded for Derick Brassard, Derek Dorsett, and John Moore. I really like this trade too. With Brassard you get a solid 3rd line center. Before coming to the Rangers he had 18 points in 34 games. Which isn't horrible, especially for a two way guy like him. I think by acquiring Brassard, they solidify their third line with a guy that plays at both ends of the rink. A utility guy that wins face-offs (71.6% in three games with the Rangers), can play the PK, PP (did in Lumbus, not sure if he will in NYC) and will chip in points here and there. He had 1 goal and 3 assists in his debut. Derek Dorsett has yet to play a game with the Blueshirts, but he brings that 4th line energy and sandpaper that you need. He also chips in points here and there. (12 goals and 20 points last year. Not bad for a 4th line guy) Especially come playoff time. I think he will be used sparingly but again the player style that the Rangers have needed. Lastly, the Rangers get John Moore. He is a young, big,"stay-at-home" defenseman. I wouldn't expect much scoring from him although he already has one goal in 4 games with the Rangers. I have had an opportunity to see Moore play a few times. He will improve the Rangers D zone coverage. He can get nasty in front of the net and in the corners. Again, the sandpaper they were looking for. Just a quick recap.... Torts coaches a certain style and it just wasn't meshing with the players he had this year. Something had to change. All in all I think the Rangers went out and made their team better, even though they got rid of a star player and some picks. By giving up a one dimensional star player, they got three players that bring multiple facets to the ice. They have won their last four games and have crawled in to 7th place in the East. With these trades, I think they will make playoffs and will be a tough team to play against in the first round. Anyway, this is my little blurb! Hope you liked it. If you did, I have a blog that I write at waltshockeyblog.wordpress.com. I talk about a lot of hockey stuff and try to make it charismatic and funny while bringing some knowledge and opinion. Check it out. Also follow me @NickWalters17 on twitter.
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April 9, 2013 2:58 AM ET | Delete
Rangers made a killing this year i think, I have always liked the rangers and now they have depth, youth and grit. good moves all around
April 9, 2013 2:59 AM ET | Delete
oh and nice write up :D
April 9, 2013 11:42 PM ET | Delete
Thank You! I think you are right. They have that mixture of depth, grit, youth that could be scary come play off time. Depending on how these last games go, and where they end up in playoffs, it should be a good first round series.
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