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Changes to the next step

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I am new to the whole blog game. But not afraid to share an opinion. So to start a little bit about myself. I am an avid fan of the NHL, I live it and breath it. I love talking about it, only problem, no one close to me really is into it as much as I am. So that is why I have come here to share my views (and yes some may be biased more towards Vancouver as I have been raised a fan). It would be nice to share my views and see what people have to say (no hate please, just move on if that's you) Anyway enough about me and why I am on here. I have a wish or dream you can say for things I would like to see the Canucks, seeing as how they never do anything. This year though GM Mike Gillis says changes are coming. So here is a view from me on what those changes should be. 1st to cover would be the search for a new coach. I will just cover this short and sweet as I will talk about coaches in another blog. IMO John Tortorella, John Stevens and Lindy Ruff in no specific order should be the top 3 looked at. 2nd is Buyouts. Vancouver's buyouts would obviously be directed towards Ballard, Booth and Luongo. Booth being injured that wont happen, and they wont use it on Luongo as they will keep trying to trade him. That brings me the the 3rd thing. Luongo. Now the best trade I see that makes sense in my mind is Lui to the New York Islanders. Roberto Luongo, Jannik Hansen, and decent minor league player or Draft Pick for Nino Niedereiter, Josh Bailey, Rick Dipietro and a draft pick. Gives Vancouver there second buyout in Dipietro and an up and coming rookie in Niedereiter and a good fit third line centre. Vancouver obviously will have some spots to fill with the numer of free agents they have. The only one that makes sense to me to come back is Max Lapierre but at the moment that seems like it wont be happening. Some players to bring in or at least I would like to see brought in are Bryan Bickell, Nathan Horton, Brad Boyes and the once Canuck Matt Cooke. Bryan Bickell I think would be a great addition as he is that big body presence who if with the right players may be able to be a big time goal scorer. Would look good with the Sedins. Horton would look great on a second line with Kesler and be a great replacement for the probably departing Raymond. Boyes would be a good third line winger who if his game gets going, could be a snag of a deal. Cooke also would be good on the third line for the grit and a few goals. So to close, here is a wish of what I hope the Canucks could look like. 1st line Sedin/Sedin/Bickell 2nd line Burrows/Kesler/Horton 3rd line Cooke/Bailey/Boyes or Higgins 4th line Kassian/Lapierre/Booth or Niedereiter. I know this will probably never happen, but I think it would take the canucks farther then this year.
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