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Dallas Vancouver and the Rangers are in need of a coach. Here are my ideas on best fits. In Dallas I would look at Scott Arneil or Lindy Ruff. Arneil has potential as much as he had a not so great time in Columbus. I do believe though that he has what it takes and the Stars team is lacking so it could really show what he is made of. Lindy Ruff for the reason that I view Dallas as almost the same team as Buffalo. He is a coach that has experience and has been around the league. Hard nosed as well. The Rangers option and IMO only option should be Alain Vigneault. He is a great coach and the Rangers have the pieces to be a winning team. Why not go somewhere that can win and possibly do more with a good piece or two. Best fit I think for them Rangers. The Canucks, John Tortorella, John Stevens and Lindy Ruff. Tortorella is kind of 50/50. He may be just what the Canucks need if he can tone down his off ice image a bit. He it tough as nails and may be able to wake the Canucks up and put them in there place. John Stevens should have a formula to win. A Stanley Cup with the Kings last year and a Finals apperance a few years ago. He is a great coach, maybe similar to Vigneault but he wont bench young guys and has that grit to him. Lindy Ruff makes the cut cause he is that coach that knows what he is doing. He has been around and can win but can also do poorly. He is a tough nosed coach and again (sense the trend) it may be what the Canucks need. But are his good years behind him?
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