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Panthers and the word team

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As if it is some ambiguous meaning, the Panthers quite simply do not understand the word "team". If any successful team knows it, playing like a team gets you into the playoffs, well that and will power which the Panthers also lack.

It still amazes me on some nights when I turn on the game, I find myself with a huge headache. Watching what seems like any other ordinary human just putting in their time at work. It's almost down right disgusting to watch. One might wonder that it may be a player problem, or a coaching problem. I seem to think its both. The talent is there, they might not have this high scoring team like Ottawa or New York, but they surely do have enough talent to hold their own and own a late playoff position. Some blame Martin for what got him fired in Ottawa, lack of intensity. Some may blame the players for not giving a hoot. It seems when things get tough the Cats shy away and do what they can to get by. Who knows why but its definitely a concern, because IF they make it to the playoffs, they can't shy away there.

They preach they want to make the playoffs. Ok Cats? You want to make the playoffs, so play like you do. This half-hearted effort is killing this team off early on. Some put blame on Martin's system not working out for the cats. This simply is not true, I believe and many other fans, that when the team sticks to the system, thats when they win their games. The only rant I have on Martin is when the team needs him most, he stares into a void behind the bench.

Lately rumors have been swirling around about captain Olli Jokinen being traded, this isn't helping the team much. Naturally when a team sturggles, they will always have rumors swirling around, but it is putting a negative focus on the panthers who already have enough negatives swirling around the team. Martin and Cohen both have denied the rumors.

I'll always be there to support the Cats, but they need to give me a reason to support them.
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