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"What's cookin' with the Cats"
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With a frustrating shootout loss against the Colorado Avalanche, that only adds another game to the loss category, and only further frustrates the team. The Panthers were recently accused of not trying hard enough to win their games, because as we all know, although they have raw talent, they can't just win games with a mediocre effort. They gave it their all against Colorado and still fell short. Milan Hejduk snapped a shot from the hashmarks that Vokoun couldn't position himself fast enough for. Remarkably Jose Theodore stopped Horton, Weiss and Jokinen to win the game for Colorado. Although the Panthers never lead the game, they came back 3 times to make it a game in Overtime. Right before the third period ended, Jose Theodore was caught wandering out of his crease two times, a shot from the blue line by Dvorak went wide, and then Weiss shot it from the goal line that went high, both times an empty net that could have sealed Colorado's fate.

The Panthers will have to win 80% of the rest of their games to even maybe make the playoffs, with a very weak southeast division, it could be possible. The Panthers have been plagued with injuries for what seems all season, but for a group of AHL call-ups they havent played half bad. The bounces just didn't work in their favor Sunday, although four points out of a playoff spot, the Panthers can very well make a run for it.
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January 15, 2008 11:43 AM ET | Delete
I am not sure we are both watching the same team. This team has to work pretty hard to keep up with most clubs. Before they were hit with the Murphy and Van Ryn injuries as well as a forward or 2, the playoffs were a possibility.They just don't have enough scoring, and not enough grit. There is no way they can win 80% of thier games. They had a chance a few weeks ago to close in on Carolina, but they could not get it done. I realize that they are only 4 points away from first place, but without scoring it's not going to happen.When was the last time that Zednik scored? Olesz? Weiss has 7 goals after 45 games.Just not enough offense.
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