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The Sabres are in a difficult spot with Vanek and Miller. First things first what is Darcy doing right now? I think we all agree that it is a time to rebuild in buffalo but with a team stacked in defensive prospects and players why would he draft two defensemen and then add tallinder? On my count we have 12 blueliners that will be NHL ready in 3ish years. On the other side the only scoring winger prospects we have are Joel Armia and Johan Larsson who I don’t know much about.

Now I think we should trade Vanek and Miller before the start of the season but If only one could be traded I would want miller gone. Now my opinion on Miller is that he is one of the best if not the best goalie in the league but is stuck on a bad team. I would trade Miller to a good team maybe get two young forward prospects and a pick and i would hope he wins a cup wherever he goes. But if you want to talk blockbuster trades I look to Edmonton. I think Miller to Edmonton would make them a powerhouse for the next 5 years but could also make us one as well. Now I would expect a big return for Miller and what better than one of Edmonton’s big 5. I would take any of them but If it was me I would try my hardest to get Yakupov. I believe he is the best player on Edmonton and is forever stuck in that second line role. I would offer miller and maybe a pick or two to make the deal go through. I’m not afraid of overpaying as were a bad team and should just focus on getting deals done. I keep hearing they want Hemsky gone as well maybe throw him in the deal and add of our defensive prospects.

If a trade like this were to go through I would prefer to keep Vanek then but would not mind trading him. Everyone says New Jersey but it is a really good fit. Vanek and again maybe a pick or two for Larsson and Henrique. Easy done.

Possible line up for sabres?

Yakupov Grigorenko Armia

Foligno Ennis Stafford

Leino Hodgson Hemsky

Ott Henrique Girgensons (Scott)

Myers Tallinder

Erhoff Sulzer

Weber Larsson

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