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Team USA Olympic Lines

Posted July 27, 2013
I thought I would go through the lines I would use for the major Olympic teams in the upcoming Olympics in Sochi. I figured I would start with the team I am rooting for so let’s get into this. My team USA Zach Parise Derek Stephan Patrick Kane I’ll start with the two easy guys and they both happen to be some of my favorite players. Zach Parise is one of the best all-around players i... Read More »
The Sabres are in a difficult spot with Vanek and Miller. First things first what is Darcy doing right now? I think we all agree that it is a time to rebuild in buffalo but with a team stacked in defensive prospects and players why would he draft two defensemen and then add tallinder? On my count we have 12 blueliners that will be NHL ready in 3ish years. On the other side the only scoring winger... Read More »


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