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Travis Yost here at hockeybuzz posted a couple of blogs the past few days making "predictions" for each of the 30 NHL clubs for the upcoming season, and although I found it quite amusing to read, I found that a lot of his "bold predictions" either weren't very bold at all, or were barely predictions. Anyway, I've decided to string together my own list of predictions for all teams for the upcoming season; hopefully ones that make some of you argue with me, because that's what being bold is all about! So here we go:


Anaheim will re-sign Bobby Ryan and make him the highest paid player on their roster. Ryan plays well, but Anaheim plays horrendously the entire season. With a bruised, frustrated ego, having Bobby Ryan be the new poster boy for the franchise; Ryan Getzlaf asks for a trade and gets it.


Atlanta barely misses Ilya Kovulchuk at all. Using a well-rounded effort instead of a one-man scoring arsenal, Nik Antropov leads the team in goals and points. Chris Mason is among the league leaders in GAA and helps Atlanta find their way to the playoffs again, without feeling that they don't belong.


Tim Thomas looks sluggish again, and Tuuka Rask tires from having to carry the load nearly by himself. Marc Savard will have a bounceback year playing with Nathan Horton who actually knows how to score goals. Although the Bruins will make the playoffs, it will take them until the final game to lock up a spot.


The Sabres realize that their rebuild is flatlining, and although they have a legitimate superstar in Ryan Miller, they have no superstar forwards in their system. The Sabres will miss the playoffs and try to put together a decent offer for a team willing to shed themselves of an offensive star, or clear enough room to sign a free agent. Look to Jeff Carter, or Jordan Staal.


Eric Staal will continue to struggle scoring goals, and until the Canes bring in some more talent for him to play with, this team will stay stagnantly right where they are. A push to land brother Jordan from Pittsburgh fails, and the Canes are forced to make a trade for a different offensive talent: Mike Fisher from Ottawa.


Once training camp concludes, and Sutter sees Jokinen scoring and Tanguay helping, he realizes that bringing back on pieces is not as bad as everybody said it would be. He then extends offers to Theo Fleury, Gary Roberts, and tries to make a blockbuster trade pitch to the Leafs to get back Dion Phaneuf.


Dismantling a championship team and keeping only the core does not make you the same team. What Chicago considered spare parts, other teams claim as their franchise players. Turco will be injured in the first month of the season, and Marian Hossa will go through a a slump and realize quickly that he is not needed in Chicago.

More to come....
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