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"Hockey is like religion, except we have facts to back it up."
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Travis Yost here at hockeybuzz posted a couple of blogs the past few days making "predictions" for each of the 30 NHL clubs for the upcoming season, and although I found it quite amusing to read, I found that a lot of his "bold predictions" either weren't very bold at all, or were barely predictions. Anyway, I've decided to string together my own list of predictions for all teams for the upcoming... Read More »

A Dose of Frat

Posted December 17, 2009
The Leafs have once again recalled one of the media-named Frat Pack in Viktor Stalberg, and it should be interesting to see if he can translate some of his AHL success to the NHL (unlike Christian Hanson). Stalberg played okay near the beginning of the season, but we have to remember that he went into a slump during a time when everyone on the team was slumping. Stalberg looks NHL ready, and I exp... Read More »

Ay ay 'C'aptain

Posted December 16, 2009
[img]http://golfinginapril.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/dapns.png?w=300&h=73[/img] There have been many great captain’s over the years…and that spot is still up for grabs on the current edition of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Coming into the season, Ron Wilson said that the captaincy ’situation’ would be revisited in November, after Tomas Kaberle, Mike Komisarek and Francois Beauchemin were gi... Read More »

The Case for Stajan

Posted December 14, 2009
As I turned on Sportsnet the other day, I happened to see the guys on Hockeycentral during a phone interview with Matt Stajan, concluded with them both agreeing that they liked Stajan, but that he is just further up in the lineup than he would be on another team. I think that's a fair assumption, but only because of his numbers the past couple years. Remember though, last year he played on a first... Read More »

Understating Achievements...

Posted September 28, 2009
With training camp over, and a slew of exhibition games that probably should have been cut in half if the league knew what was good for them (I mean, auditioning new guys is one thing, but by the end, the coaches know who’s staying and going, and they’re just playing whoever they don’t care about hurting), it’s time to face reality. The blue and white came out with a respectful record, and... Read More »


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