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Hope Against Home Types

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To the surprise of nobody, the Sabres and Pat LaFontaine have asked for permission, and received it, to talk with two of the hottest Gm candidates in the market: Jason Botterill and Jim Benning.

Both have strong resumes, have been building their skills by working their way up the hockey ladder the proper way, and are widely considered by all involved with the league to be two of the top GM candidates available.

Yet, some of the Sabres fans are disappointed by this.

Stop me if you have heard that before, which is the whining coming from Buffalo fans about anything and everything including the sun rising each morning.

The complaint from that section of Sabres fans is that the team seems set on hiring former members of the organization and sadly, they have ample cause for that as the basis of their woe. Chief among their concerns is that none of the former Sabres have ever won a cup, which is a rather dubious way to go about hiring high ranking employees and a sure way to miss out on several good candidates who will eventually win a cup with another organization who was not so shortsighted to eliminate those deserving from consideration.

With Lafontaine's decision pending on the next GM, the discontent over Botterill or Benning being considered, and either potentially being hired, is as misguided as it gets.

Look at this way: if the Canucks fired their GM today, and interviewed, and then hired, either Botterill or Benning, there would not be one person who would consider that a negative.

With that case, why should it be a negative simply because they both have ties to the Sabres from the past? Simply put, it shouldn't.

Instead of using it all now, save your anger for when it's truly deserved Sabres fans. I am certain there will be ample time for it.
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November 21, 2013 12:55 AM ET | Delete
point taken, cong...really have no issues with botterill as he is said to be an excellent numbers guy...as for benning, he was regiers right hand man when "la core" was built...as director of amateur scouting his draft picks in the top-60 leave much to be desired as well
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