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Trading Down From #4

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<pre>rnI was pointed to this article not long ago: http://www.broadstreethoc...aft-pick-value-trading-up rn rnBased on the article, below are some possible trades the leafs could make if they were interested in moving down. rnrnI've included both Market (equal value) and High (20% premium) as noted by the article to present a range of trade values the leafs may get if they attempted to trade down.rnrnIn my mind, trading down only makes sense if the Leafs:rni) Are really high on a player or 2 in the 6-10 range; rnii) Feel they can find some hidden gems in rounds 2 or 3 of this year's draft (or get a 1st for next year's); and rniii) Can extract a premium from a team very keen on moving up.rnrnHere are some possible returns for the #4 pick based on the value described in the article:rn rnNew Jersey rnMarket: #6, #41 rnHigh: #6, #36, #41 rnrnrnPhilly rnMarket: #7, #60, #70, #90, 2016 3rd rnHigh: #7, #29, #60, #90 rnrnrnColumbus rnMarket: #8, #34rnHigh: #8, #34, #38 rn rnrnSan Jose rnMarket: #9, #38, 2016 2ndrnHigh: #9, 2016 1st (2016 Leafs 3rd going back) rn rnrnColorado rnMarket: #10, #40, 2016 2ndrnHigh: #10, 2016 1st, (2016 Leafs 3rd going back) rn rnrnObviously, it won't make sense for some of the teams to move up at all. rnrnQuestions in my mind are: can the Leafs extract a premium from a team who really wants to move into the #4 position? Should the Leafs sacrifice a chance at picking a premium player at #4 for quantity? Who might the leafs be eyeing at 6-10 (Crouse, Provorov, Brazal, Zacha, Werenski etc)? rnrnStay thirstyrnrnupdate: https://mapleleafshotstov...m&utm_campaign=buffer rnrn
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