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The Avs beat the Penguins Saturday afternoon 5-3 and after this one I'm pretty sure we can all pump our fists knowing that the 'Wolski show' we're all seeing is for real. Matched up against Sid the dirty fighting Kid, we came out on top limiting the damage as well as putting up some key markers. Of course the other guys came through as well, David Jones and Cody McCleod pitching in some goals as the Avs winning streak hit 3 and more importantly perhaps, Raycrofts win streak reached 7, improving to a ridiculous 9-1 on the season. Let me say this again, in 1/3 the amount of games, Raycroft is only off Budaj's 13 wins by 4. On top of that, Raycroft's now sporting a 2.57 GAA and a .905 SV%, again besting Budaj's numbers. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Colorado's new #1 goalie.

This may be a bit pre-mature, but I'm confident Granato keeps going with the hot hand at this point. The Avs have climbed out of the basement and actually hold the 8th seed in the West after the win Saturday and as much as I would love a top 10 draft pick, seeing the team in the playoffs is still way too exciting to miss out on, especially if it means the return of Peter Forsberg, who i still pray for to return miraculously cured from all possible ailments. This new style of hockey we've seen lately is precisely the brand of hockey that will put people in the seats again at the Pepsi Center and this team largely needs that boisterous crowd again.

Next on tap for the Avs are the Blue Jackets, Blues and Oilers, three games this team should win as well as 3 games that could relegate Budaj to the bench for the foreseeable future. Raycrofts a sure bet to start atleast 2 of those games and the Avs may choose to start Budaj in one of the back-to-back games, but if the team is that confident in Raycroft, don't be surprised to see him start all three. A starting goalie after all should be capable of handling the bulk of a seasons games. If Raycroft does well, the matchup to be excited for is January 29th against Toronto. Although Toronto may not be what is once was (still garbage but with more recognizable faces) it will be Raycrofts chance to show Leafs Nation exactly what the gave up on....here's hoping Raycroft will match the number on his back and continue his resurgence with the Avs.
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