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Deadline Eves....day

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So its midnight, and officially it is deadline day, and that means the Avs should be in for an all <strike>night</strike> day-er. With the best impending UFA goalie off the market the Avs really need to look into making a trade to secure their crease next year. Raycroft and Budaj are both free agents, but with Budaj being RFA we can retain him and reserve the bench for him, hoping he can eventually show us something, or not w/e. The important thing here is we need a legit #1. Pascal Leclaire's definitely going to be available with Steve Mason locking the job down, possibly at a discount price due to his injury. He's immensely better than what we have cooking, so I'd definitely look into that. The Jackets might be looking for some D and we have plenty to spare so maybe something gets done there. If not there are more pricey options in Kari Lehthonen, Vesa Toskala, Dan Ellis, and possibly even JS Giguere...again all way better options than what we have, however the cheaper guys are probably more appealing to the Avs in the situation they're in.

With regards to Ian Lapperiere...I'd like to resign him, he's a good leader and has the toughness the team lacks in consistently, but again, if they get something good and young, might as well pull the trigger.

I should probably point out that Colorado's rebuilding plan is probably geared toward happening sooner rather than later...especially is Sakic wants to play next year. We won't gun for another entry draft spot if thats the case, so I doubt they trade away players for draft picks solely. Probably prospects close to the NHL or younger NHL'ers that haven't come out yet.

Leopold, Clark, Salei rumors; I'd like to think we keep Leopold unless someone blows us away. We traded Tanguay for him so I'm not ready to just give him away, even with his pending free agency. If we can sign him, it would be a much better scenario (you cant trade everyone on the team). He's young and still has time to mature into a top 2 defenseman. Clark and Salei may be harder to sell off on teams, but really theyre expendable. The Avs need a canon on the blueline if they want any chance at success, free up the money and get one...via draft, free agency or trade.

Ryan Smyth: There seems to be quite alot of buzz surrounding him. If he can land us a goalie or a 1st round draft pick in a package deal, I'm hoping we can swing a deal. Yes he's good, but hes overpaid (imo) and is well worth the swap if it means freeing up cap to get the aforementioned things accomplished.

Arnason:if someone wants him...they can have him

Hejduk: I said previously i'd trade him for Jordan Staal (as the rumor went) but if it wasn't a deal that was similar in nature (bright futured youngster) then I'm gonna say keep him....the C should look nice on him if Super Joe happens to retire...well after Foote anyways

Here's hoping for a good days worth of trades.
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