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Someone sent this to me but didn't want to post it for their own reasons. So, I am posting it for them. There are some good points here and it is posted without my editing.

First of all I would like to thank Js and JP for the idea on my next blog. I get the greatest ideas on blogs sometime from being in the Chat Room.

Now on with the blog

I don’t mind having a conversation about a topic with anyone even if it’s a disagreement this is not a tantrum because someone disagreed with me. What really bothers me is this personal attack on members because other members think their comment is wrong. The attacks on inelegance and family heritage are uncalled for. I cringe when I see idiot moron or any other attacks, or swear words. My son is a nine year old boy who belongs to the Hockey Buzz Community that can’t read the forms until I make sure that it is safe to do so. He loves hockey, and love talking about it and the only safe place he can go is the chat Room. I am sorry guys but this is suppose happy community that does not need this dribble and back stabbing and personal dismantling demoralizing attitude. And these non sense ripping of eklund this is a rumour ( I am Canadian Spelling ) site for crying out loud . I have a lot of friends in this site who I would consider almost family , when they get attacked I get attacked . There are so many mods and they spend too much time in the forms trying to clean up the garbage that is in there, I am sorry that might be a strong word but the truth hurts. The Mods in here are over worked, can we ease up on the silly comments in the form. Eklund reports what he hears if you don’t like it fine but don’t profane him and be little him that is off grounds, I don’t mind disagreeing but there is a line and that line has been crossed to many time please lets starting acting like adults so my nine year old can read the forms.

It’s not a long blog just a short one to the point, thanks everyone for your corporation.
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