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Anonymous blog from a friend

Posted August 17, 2007
Someone sent this to me but didn't want to post it for their own reasons. So, I am posting it for them. There are some good points here and it is posted without my editing. *********** First of all I would like to thank Js and JP for the idea on my next blog. I get the greatest ideas on blogs sometime from being in the Chat Room. Now on with the blog I don’t mind having a conversat... Read More »

Toews is NOT the answer!

Posted May 17, 2007
(Believe it or not, this is written as cautious optimism and is not meant as a rant. Read on.) Toews is not going to turn this team around and make them a playoff team. Toews is not going to make all of the disgruntled fans return. Toews is not going to make Chicago media realize that there is a sport called hockey. Toews is not going to save Chicago Blackhawks Hockey. He will not have the... Read More »

Are you an athlete?

Posted May 4, 2007
When most people think of "athlete", they only think of someone that is actually playing a sport. I am going to dispute that. I don't think that being an athlete has anything to do with physical activity. I believe it is a mentality. Stick with me for a second here. I know people (one is on my rec league team) that play sports but I don't consider them athletes. Take my friend here as an e... Read More »

What did you call me???

Posted April 21, 2007
As I am sitting here at 2:00am listening to Baba O'Reilly, I got to thinking. (No smart aleck remarks from a certain Stars fan either! You know who you are!) I have been called a lot of things. Some good some bad. The obvious good ones are husband, father, friend. But, one of my favorite things to be called is "Coach". It is also one of the most powerful things to be called. It is amazing... Read More »

Why I hate the NHL Playoffs

Posted April 16, 2007
Yes, I know this is a hockey site and that the title borders on sacrilege. But, stick with me here and you'll understand. Reason #1: When your team is eliminated from playoff contention, a little piece of you dies. For me being a Hawks fan, that happened sometime in December. Reason #2: Speaking of the Hawks, watching the games showcases just how far they are from being a playoff team.... Read More »

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