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Tim Murray, please stop making me so angry.

I just don't get it. This team had all the pieces, all they had to do was wait for them to come together.

Enroth was only 26 years old, 27 this summer. A top goaltending prospect, drafted 46th overall in the 2nd round.

Enroth was the smallest goalie in the league playing for the worst team in the league. Getting drafted that high as a goalie that small tells you something about Enroth - this guy is really, really good. Obviously nobody looks good when you're dead last in the league, but don't blame Enroth, who I'm sure was happy to be any teams #1 goalie.

Enroth was only 26, playing as the regular starter and often being the best player on this sad Sabres squad. It was perfect - He was just entering his prime, was able to play frequently at a young age at the NHL level, getting used to losing if he let in one bad goal. Just as Buffalo and their wealth of top prospects hit their prime, Enroth would be ready as ever, being the underdog the whole way until finding himself on the new and improved Buffalo Sabres, ready to end the rebuild phase and win some cups.

And what does Tim Murray do??

Trades him for the giant Anders Lindback of Dallas, who could barely remain in the NHL despite getting chances on Tampa, Nashville and Dallas. He really started to snowball this year, often playing in the AHL and really not impressing anyone anywhere. Dallas really could have used him, as Lehtonen hasn't been great and could use a solid back up.

In terms of value, Enroth for Lindback is just plain making the Sabres a worse team. I guess they'll have to use one of those picks on a goalie now, and have fun waiting until he's 27 to find out how good he can be at the NHL level. And all for what? A third rounder? Hours after trading AWAY a first rounder? Murray is trading away guys he shouldn't for picks that aren't worth it, and trading picks for players that aren't worth it.

If I was a Buffalo fan, today would be forever known as the day the Sabres decided to stay in rebuild mode for an extra few years. The day they got Kane and some other crap for Myers, Enroth and a wealth of depth and top prospects. Wow.

On the other hand, the worse the team the more likely they'll get McDavid, although nothing is certain. You can't be mad at a team with McDavid, and I'm sure his winning pedigree will rub off on his teammates wherever he lands. If Buffalo does land McDavid, I'm sure they'll be a greta team very soon, as they still have many good prospects at forward and defence. And Kane playing with McDavid will definitely have a nice outcome... so long as Kanes loser attitude doesn't rub off on McDavid... All in all two terrible trades for Buffalo, but, in a year when being bad means getting McDavid and other great players, it can be looked at as win-win no matter what...that being said...

Tim Murray, what the hell? What are you doing. Why. Please stop making trades.

Have fun replacing Enroth you shmuck.

Thanks for reading.

Post-game review of Sens vs Sabres coming soon.
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February 13, 2015 2:25 PM ET | Delete
You are overlooking a huge fact in that Enroth is a UFA at the end of this season. There was no guarantee he would of resigned. Also we can resign him after this season like Moulson and McCormick did.
February 13, 2015 2:26 PM ET | Delete
I agree with you 100%. McEichel will not help this mess!
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