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One thing I'm not seeing in the Conference Finals series is the geniuine hatred between the teams involved. Its not a requirement for a well-played and entertaining series, but it sure would make watching these games a bit more bearable. Every year there seems to be a series or two that is just a venemous battle between two teams, leaving most of the participants with scars, broken bones, or any number of ailments upon victory or defeat. I'm not saying it's always the conference finals, but typically by this point just due to the fact that teams are 4 games (or less) away from playing for the Cup, the animosity is just there, regardless of past history between the teams. In 06, Buffalo and Carolina werent exactly long time rivals, but that series was full of bone-crushing hits, mucking and grinding and finishing checks. Same with the finals (remember Doug Weight barely being able to lift the cup due to a separated shoulder?)

Maybe the events of last night with the Pronger hit on Holmstrom will infuse some bitterness into that series, leading to more phyisical play, but I doubt it. Meanwhile, I'll be watching the Ice Capades that is the OTT/BUF series.
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