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The Hall of Fame

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I was in Toronto on Monday, mainly to visit the Hall. What a beautiful city, Toronto is, I would've gone up in the tower, but my family and I didn't want to fork over $22 bucks a piece to do something all three of us had already done, even though my parents did it 22 years ago...and I did 6.

The Hall is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL building, inside and out, the archways in the main lobby are amazing. It, however, seems more like a mall with a HOF attached rather than vice versa. I wasn't too impressed with the prices at the Spirit store, but that is unavoidable at an attraction, or in a city. The jersey prices were not TERRIBLE, but they still were kinda much for blank replicas.

And what a wonderful display they have of some of the greats in the museum itself, although I was surprised that they didn't have a booth for Espo, but they had some guys that fewer had heard of, that just surprised me a little bit. I took pictures of each of the trophies and some of the honored member plaques, and of course we got a picture with the Cup (which i didn't touch, of course), and my sister got a bloody nose...quite fitting in a place of hockey.

The new interactive fan zone was a blast, i did both sides, shooting and goaltending, i only got one of the 8 targets, but I had an average speed 53 mph, which i was surprised at. And at goalie, I stopped all 5 shots, which wasn't very hard at all...very predictable.

The Oddysey of the Cup movie at the Molson Theatre was great, as was the replica locker room of the Canadiens. The coolest part, however, was the Foyer, that was amazing with the masks of the greats, the wall of pucks, and "Cyclone" Taylor and Ken Dryden keeping watch of the Hall. The prices were resonable, as well $13 a piece.

What actually surprised me the very most was the ease of getting in and out of Canada, we were told that it was easy getting into Canada, but harder getting back into the States, which it was quite the opposite. We didn't have my sister's birth certificate, but we had everything else. Going into Canada, the Lady just said "I'll let you in, but next time you need to have a birth certificate" which we'll have passports, of course, but getting into the States he asked our respective states of birth, and had us on our way.

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