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One team, 2 suspensions, 45 games

Posted October 13, 2007
As most of you already know, Jesse Boulerice was suspended for 25 games after his crosscheck to Ryan Kesler's face a couple days ago. The question is, was it enough? By terms of Chris Simon getting the same sentence last year, yes, it's a perfect punishment. But by terms of Steve Downie getting 20 for an unnecessary hit on Dean McAmmond, Boulerice should have gotten at least 30 games. Th... Read More »

The Hall of Fame

Posted July 17, 2007
I was in Toronto on Monday, mainly to visit the Hall. What a beautiful city, Toronto is, I would've gone up in the tower, but my family and I didn't want to fork over $22 bucks a piece to do something all three of us had already done, even though my parents did it 22 years ago...and I did 6. The Hall is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL building, inside and out, the archways in the main lobby are amazin... Read More »
One team that, i think, is going to struggle the most this summer, with the new cap, is Nashville No player want's to sign there, now because of their indecisiveness for a new owner, and the lease running out after the 08 season. When Kariya goes to the market, that puts them in the basement, cap-wise. I heared Home Ice, today, that after trading Vokoun and losing Kariya to FA, that puts them... Read More »

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