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The Rangers have made some big moves in the past 2 days. Viktor Stalberg 1.1 million dollar contract and bringing back Diaz with a 700K salary. Both great pickups and great players. Talks between the Rangers and Joel Ward continue... I hope he signs with the Rangers. Big, tall, standup team player that could potentially replace Tanner Glass' role on the team. This would bring a huge advantage to the Rangers and his size will create lots of opportunities. But through all of this, What about Derek Stephan?rnrnDerek Stephan has been a very useful player for the New York Rangers. In 68 games this past season, Stephan put up 16 goals and 39 assists for 55 points. He was a leader at center being paired with lots of players like Fast, Kreider, Hagelin, etc. Why haven't the Rangers resigned him yet? In the playoffs Stephan also put up 12 points in 19 games. He can score, he has great hands, he can score, he plays the physical game, what is the hold up????rnrnEven though it seems he wants a 6 million contract for a couple season it seems like this is a move the Rangers need to do and quickly. With 10.8 million left in cap space right now, the Rangers will need some space if they do sign Joel Ward. If Stephan is signed that leaves 4.8 million left to resign Fast, Miller, Etem and Lindberg.rnrnCan the Rangers afford Joel Ward and Stephan, and what happens with our young guys, Fast, Miller and Etem? Do we trade someone? Do we buy someone out like Boyle(just for example)? Or will we end up trading away Glass, or someone that is eating up cap space? The next few days and weeks with time will tell what will happen with Stephan and everyone else that either needs to be resigned, or aquired from free agency.
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