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Top NHL Duo's 2016

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5. Claude Giroux(73 points) and Jacub Voracek(81 points):

This duo is a little unlike the rest, as the Flyers have had very little success in the past few seasons. The team has absolutely no depth and is a fairly weak throughout the lineup. However, this duo is able to keep the team somewhat competitive night in and night out. They are going to be one of the most dangerous duos on the power-play again this season. Last year, Giroux posted 11 of his 22 goals on the PP, while Voracek posted 14 of his 25 with the man advantage. Expect another productive season for these two play-makers. At the ages of 27, and 25; Giroux and Voracek are in the prime of their careers and will only continue to build chemistry from last season.

4. Jamie Benn(87 points) and Tyler Seguin(77 Points):

Similar to the last duo, these guys are looking to make the next step into playoff contention. Benn and Seguin have already proven their offensive ability despite their young age. Seguin at 23, and Benn at 26 have become elite forwards at the NHL level. Seguin is already one of the games purest snipers, while Benn is probably the best power forward in the game today. They combined for 72 total goals, and 164 goals last season. This would put the pair as the top ranked duo with respect to goals and points during 2014-15 The tow stars also managed to put up a combined 23 power-play goals, 2 shorthanded goals, and 11 game winning goals; Making them the most dangerous pair in the entire league.

3. Nicklas Backstrom(78 points) and Alex Ovechkin(81 points):

This duo comes in at number three because Alex Ovechkin has reemerged as the game's purest goal scorer. There is no questioning his ability to put the puck in the net. However, playoff performance has always been an issue for this team. Since drafting Alex Ovechkin in 2004, the team has failed to make it past round 3 in the playoffs. This will all change this year, as the Capitals' have a revamped offense, shutdown defense, and a goaltender who can compete with the best. Nicklas Backstrom looks like he will center Ovechkin. The long time Capital is an elite play-maker who consistently gets results. He has been a point per game guy for the past 4 seasons, and will only benefit from Ovechkin's surging offense. They are unrivaled on the power-play, as the duo put up a combined 67 points with the man advantage last season alone. Ovechkin put up 25 power-play goals, while Backstrom had a remarkable 30 power-play assists. I expect the Capitals to exceed expectations and finish first in the East this upcoming season.

2. Ryan Getzlaf(70 points) and Corey Perry(55 points):

The reason these guys crack the top 5 is because of their ability to win games. The duo managed to lead the team into the #1 spot in the Pacific division. They did so with an inexperienced back end, as well as weak goal tending. The pair was not overly dominant this past regular season, but they are consistent in the playoffs. Both managed to put up 18 points in 16 games as the Ducks ended their season with a game 7 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks; who eventually won the Stanley Cup. 2016 should be another winning season for the Ducks as both Getzlaf and Perry are coming back healthy and ready to play.

1. Johnathan Toews(66 points) and Patrick Kane(64 points):

The reason these two guys top the list should be quite obvious. They may not put up the most points when compared to some of the other players on this list, but they are proven winners. The duo has led their team to three Stanley Cups in the past six seasons; A feat that seems nearly impossible in modern day NHL. Patrick Kane is one of the most dynamic offensive threats in the league. He is a clutch performer, who shines brightest in overtime and shootout opportunities. Kane put up 64 points in 61 regular season games, followed by a 23 point performance during the Chicago Stanley cup run. Johnathan Toews a.k.a. Captain Serious, was up to his usual business this past year. He averaged just under 1 point per game in both the regular season and post season. He is a proven leader who is extremely effective in both ends of the ice. At the age of just 27, Toews already has 2 Olympic gold's, 2 World Junior gold's, and 3 Stanley Cups. I anticipate that the Hawks will be competitive for as long as these two are playing.

Honorable Mentions:

Sidney Crosby / Chris Kunitz
Ryan Johansen / Nick Foligno
Henrik and Daniel Sedin
John Tavares / Kyle Okposo
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crosby kessel or malkin kessel?
July 23, 2015 11:12 PM ET | Delete
July 26, 2015 11:48 AM ET | Delete
Crosby / Kunitz ought to be a mention of general management gone wrong, unable to fund a star player for the best player in the world to play with.
July 26, 2015 5:04 PM ET | Delete
July 26, 2015 5:46 PM ET | Delete
I tried to stick with already established duos
July 30, 2015 4:04 PM ET | Delete
Zetterberg and Datsyuk is a nice duo.
August 1, 2015 8:34 PM ET | Delete
Yes, they have had amazing careers playing together. If it was 2009, they would have probably made the list. It has been a while since either has eclipsed 80 points though. Hopefully they can stay healthy and keep that playoff streak alive.
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